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Steve + Yesli | A Philadelphia Engagement Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I met up with Steve and Yesli back in October for their Engagement session. From the moment I met them at their house, I knew it was going to be a blast. I arrived at their home early and we drive to a local park where they wanted to grab a few shots on their motorcycles. Yesli had been an avid rider for a while and Steve decided it was time he get his motorcycle license and a bike. So needless to say, they wanted some photos of what they love to do together. We met up later that day and headed to Philly - a city less than 2 hours away from the Baltimore region and a city where their love story really took off. We took photos at all their favorite locations in the city - in front of a beautiful church, at the art museum (hello, Rocky) and at a park with the most beautiful and intricate fountain I've ever seen. Steve proposed to Yesli on a white water rafting trip in West Virginia. Several months before, Yesli was under the impression that Steve was going to propose during one of the few trips that they had planned. Steve knew his woman too well and knew she would likely expect the proposal to come during those times. But he got down on one knee during a weekend getaway and asked Yesli to be his wife. These two have become dear friends and are getting married THIS SATURDAY! I cannot wait to capture their special day for them and celebrate their marriage with them. It's going to one heck of a party. Hope you enjoy some of these photos from Steve and Yesli's Baltimore and Philly Engagement session!


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