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The Lorete Family | Introducing Maylee Love Newborn Session | Baltimore/DC/Frederick Maryland Newborn Photographer

The long weekend is just what the doctor ordered! And I got to spend it with dear (new) friends who welcomed their sweet little girl a few days before Valentine's Day! I couldn't imagine a better way to spend Valentine's Day by spending it with a sweet newborn.

Jamie and Becca are incredible parents. Being first-timers, they are navigating this new season of life seamlessly and as an incredible support system for one another. Jamie is wrapped around his daughters finger so tightly and serves Becca so well - refilling her water cup and always asking if she or Maylee need anything and Becca loves every little sound, coo, and the way Maylee has a hand up by her face all the time as well as beiong waited on by her doting husband. It is so incredible watching new parents be on this adventure of parenthood together loving one another through ever twist and turn as they learn parenting together.

Maylee is as perfect as ever and a sweet addition to their little family! Baby girl was cozy and only fussed when she was put in her crib for a few photos which also meant it was time for a feeding. Even her screams were so cute!

Enjoy some favorites from my time with Becca, Jamie and sweet Maylee Love.


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