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The Rodola Family | A Hampton Mansion Family Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Happy Wednesday, friends! I've been grinding this week but you know what, that means I was able to get this sweet family up on the blog for you all to see. I am so elated that I can introduce you all to the Rodola Family. Not only is this sweet family just as amazing as they seem, but they are also my neighbors! How great is that?!? I would see the mom, Melissa, at the bus stop with her littles getting her oldest off the bus and we started talking about how I was a photographer and how Melissa LOVES portraits and basically her Facebook page is all about her kids.

Not going to lie, y'all, we had the session on Saturday morning at Hampton National Historic Mansion in Towson and it was SOOOOO cold. I felt so bad for the kiddos because they were just shy of shivering. However, Melissa and Auggie kept the kids distracted by keeping their minds off the chill. They had dance parties and snuggle-fests. And man, did these kids just

We couldn't have asked for a better day or location because 2 days later, Maryland got hit with a November Mini-Polar Vortex - with temperatures in the 30s, the 40s seem like a vacation. Take a look inside my time with the Rodola's


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