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The Adams Family | Fells Point Family Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Photographing this family is PURE delight! I was beyond thrilled when they agreed to meet up with me yesterday morning in Fells Point to update their family portraits. The last time we saw one another was right before the Coronavirus, when they welcomed their little boy, Everett into their family. It's incredibly touching when dear clients trust you with their little ones and continue to put their faith and trust in you even during a pandemic. With the summer heat not beating down on us, Fells Point at sunrise was the best time to meet - plus the lack of people, despite the occasional dog walker or runner that passed us.

Quarantine has been quite easy for this family. Coming off maternity leave, they sold their beautiful home so the days and weekends since have been spent packing and then unpacking and then settling into their new home and making it theirs all while balancing work, virtual school and now summer activities. After being in their previous home for 2 newborn sessions, I cannot wait to see the new home in the future because if I know Amanda, it's going to look AMAZING! She has an eye for design and organization which she has passed on to her daughter Scarlett.

Scarlett, a dancer, is a natural in front of the camera. She oozes grace and tenderness. And to top it off, she is incredibly nurturing to her younger siblings, including little sister, Victoria, and baby brother Everett. Chase is witty and the jokester of the family, keeping everyone laughing. Victoria is the ham of the bunch - always wanting to dance and twirl. Plus, she has the smile that makes my heart melt. Everett is the charmer, especially with his mama. All she has to do is speak to him and his eyes light up like the fireworks on the 4th of July!

I hope you all enjoy some of my favorites. It was incredibly hard to narrow them down to just a few. Amanda + Charley, I cannot wait for you to see the rest!


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