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The Butler Family | A Glenview Mansion Family Session | DC & Maryland Photographer

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Happy Friday, friends! I drove down to Rockville last weekend to spend some quality time with the Butler family. They had not had professional photos done as a family or since Erin and Tym were married several years ago. Erin and I had been communicating the week of the session and while she wasn't familiar with the in's and out's of family photography, I did my absolute best to assure her of the outcome and answer all her questions. Erin and Tym could not have asked fora better day for their family session with their little girl, Lexi. The weather was mild with a hint of fall chill to the air. You know the kind where it makes you just snuggle in a little bit closer to your loved ones. That kind of fall air. Initially, Lexi was apprehensive about a stranger with a black box in front of her face, but as soon as Mom brought out her stuffed dog, everything was right in the world. Lexi was an absolute joy and complete doll. She was a constant mover and loved to walk or do the waddle-run that toddlers do to her parents. Glenview Mansion is a great location to walk ad get to know your families based on how expansive the property is and we took full advantage of it while also dodging other photographers and their clients. The mansion also has some beautiful stone stairs on the property and Lexi was curious about stairs after having recently discovered how she can move around them at home. But stone stairs and toddlers aren't a good mix so Tym and Erin stayed close by. It was a complete joy to be able to meet and get to know this family and look forward to capturing them in the years to come! Enjoy some faves from my time with the Butler's! I hope you all are staying dry (stupid MD fall weather) and have a great Halloween!


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