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The Chacon Family | Jerusalem Mills Village Family Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Spending time with clients fuels my passion and coming out of a pandemic and being allowed to photograph families again makes this time together so much more exciting. Sometimes I have to stop and pinch myself that I am back to doing something that I love and remind myself that we are still in the thick of it. What humbles me is having to remind myself that I have to put my mask on. If you had told me a year ago that I would be photographing families while wearing a mask I would have easily laughed. But this is a new day and age and something we are all adjusting to. I have a tendency to feel like I lost my mojo after a long(er) break but photographing the Chacon family made it so easy - almost effortless. Guys, the last time I photographed this family, they had just found out that they were expecting. Roman turned 1 (!!!) a few weeks ago so there is no better way of celebrating this family of four with an updated family session at Jerusalem Mills Village in Harford County. Big sister, Ava, is incredibly nurturing and loving toward her baby brother. No doubt this protectiveness will carry on as she and Roman get older. Roman is still a little unsteady on his feet so she was there with him offering support and encouragement when he wanted to try to get away. And Ava is my supermodel! She twirled to her hearts content and walked in the tall grass like she has been doing it since she could walk. I told Ava's mom, Jess, at one point while she was walking through the tall grass and weeds, she looked like a natural in the field and looked like she belonged in a country-music video and her mom agreed. Parenting 2 kids under 7 years old comes incredibly natural to Jess and Ron. They handle the extraordinary personalities of their littles with such grace, intention and encouragement. I can see now where Ava gets it from. Roman is a rough and tumbler so we had to be careful where they put him down so they held on to him as much as they could. Nap time for Roman arrived a little earlier than anticipated so we made the most of the time we had. So we went to the river to hopefully get a small burst of energy. Which I feel the water tends to do to some individuals, myself included. Join me in enjoying some favorites of the Chacon family session!


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