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The Masel Family | Fells Point Family Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Friends, by now most of you know how much I love getting up before the sun so see it come up and watch it dance as it comes up over the horizon. It's an adventure because its new and the form and colors it takes are unexpected every time. The sun rise is never the same. The vibrant colors range in golden red hues or purples and pinks. Or even a blueish grey hue when the weather is overcast. But this day, the day I met up with my dear neighbors, the Masel family in Fells Point for their sunrise session, the sunrise was a unique blend of purple and pink. Frank, Katie and Mar arrived in their fall portrait session best and it made my heart leap when I saw Mar in a beautiful mustard color top with denim leggings and brown boots. Does that outfit come in my size? We had a blast walking around the historic district of Fells Point soaking in the beautiful weather and lack of people. During the weekend, this area is packed with tourists dying to break free from their homes and soak up the beautiful fall weather Maryland is getting this year. Katie and Frank made it a point that Mar doesn't really smile but is the queen of RBF. While I did manage to get a few smiles out of her, it definitely was a challenge when you are working with a 3 year old. At one point Mar needed a break so I grabbed a few photos of Frank and Katie alone while their little girl was distracted with some snacks and Baby Einstein. They find hard to believe they have been married for 8 years when it has gone by so quickly. It was only fitting that we showed their love for one another in a few photos while their little girl was preoccupied. Hope you enjoy some of my favorites from my time with the Masel family. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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