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E & J | A St. Michael's Wedding | Second Shooting Photography

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Jen with Jennifer Simmons Photography kindly took me on this year as an associate second shooter for her 2019 wedding season. Let me telling you what, we have had the best time and have photographed some amazing couples. E & J were our first couple who got married in St. Michael's on Maryland's Eastern Shore in late May. This couple came from Boston for a destination wedding after getting engaged in 2018 in Delaware while on vacation. So it's clear that the Eastern Shore holds a special meaning to them. As an assistant to the main photographer, your primary job when photographing a wedding, is to 1. hang with the guys while they get ready and celebrate the occasion, and 2. be the other eyes for the photographer to catch additional details that she (or he) cannot focus on in the moment. Meaning, get different angles during portraits. Needless to say, I clock in a TON of steps in a wedding day. Always on the move. Photographing weddings means paying attention to the little details. Arrange things differently. Some grooms are low-key and don't have more details aside from their tie, cuff links and shoes. Try playing with them. See what works. In one of the rooms of the venue, they had a tufted bench at the bottom of the bed which was a great set-up for displaying the grooms details. J didn't want a whole lot of portraits taken since he wanted to spend time with the guys. That's great! I encourage it when spending time with the guys. Let's break the glassware out and have a glass of scotch to celebrate this new adventure. J's groomsmen were welcoming, playful, and you could see how much they cared about J. The grooms brother at one point was retelling stories from their childhood and how J was the persistent younger brother that cramped his style, like most younger brothers do. Even J's Dad came up and joined the boys and even said "I'm surprised my son is more handsome than I." Everyone had a god chuckle at the grooms expense. Since the venue was right on the water, it offered a GORGEOUS backdrop for this couple. It was serene which, in my opinion, offered a calmness to everyone in attendance. E & J wanted to spend some time together prior to the ceremony. There was a beautiful garden where the couple could see each other and J couldn't stop telling his bride-to-be just how beautiful she looked. During an embrace, he kissed her shoulder and whispered something tender to her. Jen encourages her couples to do a First Look - it helps break nerves and allows for some special one-on-one time for Bride and Groom Portraits, Bridal Party portraits and allows for the special family portraits to happen after the ceremony so the couple can enjoy a little bit of cocktail hour before the reception. My goal during portraits, is while Jen is shooting head on, walk around and shoot from a different location. While the couple is looking directly at her, I photograph from the side. When Jen is photographing the bridal party in its entirety (and this Bridal Party was a BIG party) I broke things up - I captured the interactions between the Bridal Party - how they laughed and carried on in good fashion. I do have to say, the last photo in this post is one of my favorites from the Wedding. E & J were talking with one of their guests during cocktail hour and J sweetly wrapped his arm around his bride where she grabbed a hold of his hand so sweetly. It gave me all the butterflies for them and the beautiful future that they have ahead of them as husband and wife.

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