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Ben + Tessa Are Expecting | NCR Trail Pregnancy Annoucement | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Personally, I have fun at every session and you do as well, but this Pregnancy Announcement session took it NEXT LEVEL.

I met Tessa right before COVID - she welcomed me to the gym I had just joined and walked me through a few personal training sessions so I could get better acquainted with some of the machines compared to those at my previous gym.

And then came COVID. With the gym being closed for a good while, Tessa was right there fueling my motivation and desire to live a healthier lifestyle when it could have taken me in a different direction. She and I would meet occasionally for long walks on the NCR trail and talk. With things being the way they were, sometimes you just needed someone there to walk through the thick of it with you. It was on these walks that Tessa shared her desire to be a mom and how she and her hubby, Ben, were trying to start their family. It was also on one of these walks a year later that she would share with me that she was pregnant. Containing my excitement for her and Ben was way to hard to hold back. With Tessa being in the fitness industry, active on social media platforms, and promoting a healthier-and-better-you lifestyle, we immediately started planning out her pregnancy announcement. We knew we wanted a theme. We also knew her fur-baby, Phoebe, needed to be involved. Everything else was going to fall into place from there.

I met up with Tessa and her husband, Ben (and Phoebe-girl) for their session the weekend before Mother's Day for their session - How fitting, right? With Tessa being a healthy eater and now her cravings taking her in various directions, we came up with including all her favorite foods that Baby T is wanting. They had a picnic table set up on the NCR Trail with all the foods laid out. We also included some sweet treats like Dunkin Donuts Munchkins which seemed fitting for the occasion. Y'all, these two are an absolute delight to be around. They exude happiness, playfulness, and the ability to just be present in the moment. And it was truly evident in the photos announcing their pregnancy.

All I can say is now that their families know, I am happy to share these special images for Tessa + Ben.

Ben + Tessa, I am beyond overjoyed for you both as you walk hand in hand on this adventure into parenthood. My friends, the best is yet to come.


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