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Jay + Jess | Historic Hampton Mansion Anniversary Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

This couple is nothing short of top notch and it's been a blessing and honor to watch their relationship develop over the course of 11+ years. I met Jess while we both attended Towson University in an International Women's class. Gotta say, from Day 1, I've had a major crush on her hair. I mean, look at those lush, thick curls! When Jay and Jess announced their engagement 11 years ago, they asked me to take their engagement portraits in Fells Point. A few years after they got married, they moved to Amsterdam where job opportunities and many adventures awaited them. They returned back to Maryland with their little family around the start of COVID in March. Since they are approaching 10 years of marriage, they wanted to combine and Anniversary session following their family session. And a killer anniversary session they had. These two were complete naturals in front of the camera and KILLED it. Jess brought the heels that she wore for their wedding and they definitely added a touch of elegance to their images along with a pop of color. When I had Jay put his forehead against Jess's temple, I always encourage the men to whisper something funny to his special gal. Sometimes it's dirty, or in Jay's case, he said "I'm starving. My stomach is growling." We had some good laughs at the expense that Jess said that now that she is a mom, it's awkward to hug or be affectionate towards Jay in front of other people. I'm sure many mothers can relate within that first year of being a parent because all of your attention is given to your child. But not once did it show with these two. Like I said, complete naturals. These two laughed the whole time during our time together so you know they know how to have fun. Hope you two have a wonderful anniversary and enjoyed your dinner on Saturday night at the Nautilus Diner and reminisced in the early days of your relationship where the diner was a frequented spot for you two.


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