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Matt + Kim | A Maryland Eastern Shore Elopement | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Picture it - the day of your wedding, it is a complete monsoon that morning and the question is, "Will I be able to have my wedding outdoors?" For Matt + Kim, the answer was a resounding "YES"! The monsoon in the morning made way for clear skies in the afternoon right before their private beach ceremony which made for epic portrait time and a KILLER golden summer sunset.

Kim + Matt tied the knot in June in a simple ceremony surrounded with them and their children at the beautiful Great Oaks Manor in Chestertown, Maryland which is right on the Chesapeake Bay. You couldn't have asked for a better location for these two to say "I Do!"

Which is just how they wanted it. They were surrounded by those who knew them best and were the ones that were held closest to their hearts.

During the early stages of the Pandemic, Matt met Kim online and fell head over hills for her pretty quickly. I mean, how could you not when she is the whole package. Beauty, brains, and the best mother to her daughter, Jules. Then again, Kim could say the same thing about Matt. Gentle, family-man and can rock a suit like no one else. Kim would say it took her a little longer to fall for Matt, after all, she did give him the cheek kiss when he went in for the first kiss.

But, after some time, their hearts joined together just as they were meant to.

Matt's daughter, Shelby and Jules helped Kim get ready, but it wouldn't be complete without Jules being by her moms side as she slipped into her gorgeous gown. Jonah helped Matt get into his suit jacket and as he brushed Matt's shoulders, you could see a huge smile grace his lips because he knew that Matt was marrying his soulmate. After the First Look, Matt couldn't take his eyes off his bride-to-be and he kept saying he was the luckiest man in the world. And he couldn't be more right!

As they recited their vows on a intimate beach surrounded by their children, Matt + Kim proclaimed endless love and devotion, commitment in the best and worst of times. The newly combined family sealed their love and commitment to one another by combining their favorite candies into the Unity Jar which would be displayed in their home.

It was only fitting that as the newlyweds said I Do on the beach, that is where their portraits would be taken. The tranquility of the beach only echoed the peace and calmness that Kim and Matt find in one another.


Grooms Attire: Tommy Hilfiger

Hair/Makeup: Salon 854


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