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Nelson + Suany are ENGAGED | Historic Alexandria Waterfront Proposal | Alexandria VA Photographer

Sunday afternoon was perfect. The sun was shining. You would hear the water laping against the rocks on the shore of the Alexandria Waterfront. Birds and Planes flew overhead as they headed to their next destination.

And there off to the left of me at Oronoco Bay Park sat the cutest and most luxurious little picnic setup by Elsa and her team at The Perfect Scene Events. Complete with fresh flowers, a crisp white blanket with fluffy neutral pillows, and sparkling cider.

This is the exact location where Nelson would propose to Suany, his girlfriend of 7 years.

Nelson reached out to me 2 weeks prior asking to photograph this special proposal - it was a request that while discussing getting engaged to Suany, this is the one thing she wanted - she wanted their proposal documented to look back on in the years that followed. I had also set up a picnic nearby to try not to seem too unusual - after all, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Nelson got to one knee and the excitement kicked in. Immediately, I got up and captured the moment where he asked Suany to be his wife. Based on what I could hear she couldn't get the word "YES" out fast enough. Her tears of happiness flowed and the smiles could not be wiped from their faces.

We walked around the neighborhood around the park where I got to know these sweet souls. How they met at church and that the Pastor went to 12 year old Suany and told her that she and Nelson were the ones that movies are made about. He knew their families and the type of people they were. That love blossoms in the most unusual ways and that their hearts would eventually be united together. Nelson, being a young man, didn't think anything of it. He was hanging out with one of Suany's friends at the time. But, love DID blossom and they started dating in high school. You could basically say the rest is history from there.

Congratulations, Suany + Nelson on your engagement. I am so INCREDIBLY happy for you both God's richest blessings on you both!

Here are some of my favorites from my time with Nelson + Suany's Proposal and Engagement portraits xo, Casi


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