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Brent + Lauren | Oregon Ridge Park Engagement Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

When you get to know Brent and Lauren as a couple, you just get an equal amount of goofiness and fun when they are together. In Lauren's eyes, Brent has a smile that can set the world on fire and her bubbly personality, Brent's favorite quality about her, is what makes him smile when in her presence. Brent and Lauren met while working together at a local gym - Lauren, the bubbly blonde at the front desk and Brent, a personal trainer. Brent recalled a time when he would walk into the gym early in the morning, his coffee not hitting him yet, and Lauren would be all full of energy and a smile greeting him as he walked in. Little did he know that he would soon fall head over heels for the girl at the front desk with the zest for life. These two love working out together and spending time outdoors with their share of being "couch potatoes" too, as they say. So in the middle of July, I had the opportunity to meet up with Brent and Lauren for a sunrise engagement session at one of their favorite parks for hiking and connecting as a couple - Oregon Ridge Park in Hunt Valley, Maryland. We found a location in the park with the best light and stayed there because the light was just that.good. Prime, golden light is what fires up any photographers spirit right up. I cannot wait for their rustic and classic wedding in October, but for now, I wanna show off Brent + Lauren to you at their summertime sunrise engagement session.


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