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The Adams Family | Introducing Everett Beau Newborn Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

On Saturday morning, I got to spend some quality time with this sweet family. I have photographed the Adams family since Amanda was pregnant with their youngest little girl, Victoria. So for the past 3 years, we've been blessed to capture some sweet memories together. Amanda and Charley are amazing parents and have raised kind, thoughtful, and beautiful children. Kind children take after kind parents. It's a beautiful thing, really. When I look back at all of our times spent together, I'm always amazed how grown up the kids get and how their personalities change. For instance, Scarlett, the oldest, is the nurturing mother hen - she is very observant when it comes to how her siblings are. She knows Chase loves to play football in the house. Now while she may not always know what is going on, but she spends time with him in this way because it's what he loves to do. Victoria is very detail oriented when it comes to her play and Scarlett gets right in there and encourages her attention to detail while teaching her new things. No doubt, little Everett will have a play in all this - but he will be taught all kinds of new things from each one of his siblings. Rough housing with Chase, he will learn the importance of attention to detail with Victoria, and being loved and protected by Scarlett. And Chase will also teach him about how to love their Mama, Amanda. He is certainly a Mama's boy and I think it' just the sweetest thing imaginable. Everett was super snuggly during our time together. He was purely content so long as someone was holding him (or at least seemed to be - I was able to fool him a few times). Only towards the end of the session that he started to fuss and for the first time in 2 weeks did he take his paci for me. By the time we had our session, he was two weeks old because due to a complicated delivery, things had to be pushed back a bit, but it was perfect timing. Mom needed to heal and everyone needed to settle into their new routine and roles which they are nailing perfectly. Amanda and Charley, being parents of 4 cannot possibly be easy but you both are handling it with such grace amidst the beautiful chaos. After I shared a teaser of the crazy family photo below, Amanda commented "#thisisus" And she couldn't be more right! Enjoy of of my favorites from Everett's newborn session.


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