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The Taler Family | Baltimore Family Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

I met up with the Talers, Jordan, Christina and their little man, Luke last weekend for a great family session. It was our second session together and Christina and I both agreed that we made out with the mild fall weather and that everyone was healthy compared to our session last winter. The Taler's love their quaint neighborhood and I have to completely agree, it's a hidden gem in Baltimore City. The narrow streets that are lined with beautiful flowers in gardens and lush brightly colored bushes. A trail similar to the NCR trail in Baltimore County runs through their backyard so we made our way down to the trail for some photos for a change of scenery because I could have shot on their street all afternoon. When you've been photographing young children like I have for 10+ years you find out very quickly that kids and their attitudes dictate how long the session is going to go. Sometimes you get the kids that have had a great nap and a snack before the session and they are happy as clams. Or you get the children that want nothing to do with getting their photos taken. Right, you just want to have a day. Don't want anyone in your face much less telling you what to do. Or you get the kiddos like Luke who loves his Momma (and actually when it's time for a Momma break) and wants to give her all the hugs and kisses in the world and has the best belly laughs when Dad acts like a robot and wants to be a robot like his Dad. Oh to be a kid again! Hope you enjoy my favorites from my time with the Taler's and have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!


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