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Wedding Wednesday Tips & Tricks | It's All In The Details | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

With everything that is going on surrounding COVID-19 ravishing our country, many of us are affected personally by the pandemic, we have a hard time thinking about much of anything else rather than how are we going to keep the lights on or food on the table if there is a loss of income. After last weeks post went live, my anxiety kicked in to high gear and I couldn't comprehend even writing a blog post about a wedding topic. I am a Type-6 on the Enneagram so I live in a constant state of fear and wonder if I have a backup plan to my backup plan. Baltimore‘s non-essential businesses are shutdown for the time being, but since wedding vendors supply services, we cannot operate. BUT they never said that we couldn't operate from the comfort of our sofa, in our sweats, with our hair in a top knot that hasn't been washed in 2 days. There is ALWAYS something for us to do right now - developing new business practices, adjusting clauses in our contracts, and maybe even trying something new in regards to the services we offer.

But regardless, just because wedding planning is put to a standstill in the Baltimore region and other regions around the country, doesn't mean that the education has to stop. So today, I want to talk about the details at a wedding. Now are are talking about cake/sweet table, setup, and little things that surprisingly people notice. Some weddings can be HEAVILY detailed while some are just plain and simple. But then again this depends on the couple. It you are having a romantic Bed&Breakfast wedding, you may lean towards the heavier side in details. If you are having a more rustic wedding, they may be on the lighter side.

The above photos are ones that I captured at a wedding last summer with my girl, Jennifer Simmons Photography. This couple left nothing out. They had the sweetest Bed&Breakfast wedding celebration at a secluded manor on Maryland's Eastern Shore. They wanted to set a tone for how their wedding day was going to be - romantic and memorable. Since the weather was a scorcher, they provided fans with the outline of the ceremony. They asked that their guests be present in the wedding ceremony and put their technology devices away so we as photographers could capture the rawness of emotion and celebration. The girls had simple floral arrangements with lush greenery - a photographers dream. Donuts are a huge hit anywhere so they had a cake and donut table for their guests. And seriously, who would have thought to hanging greenery wreaths around the reception tent - THEY DID! And it was the most perfect day!!!!!

Now you can't go to a wedding and not have cake, right? RIGHT!!!! It's a God-given set in stone cardinal rule that you have some cake! Or sweets! Just give me the whole damn table in a to-go box, please! Now how is your cake going to be decorated? That goes along with your theme for the wedding - sweet, romantic, rustic, etc. Does it show who you as a couple are? This sweet table from one of Jen’s couples had this cake topper made to show that they were dog parents by including their pup's silhouette in the cake topper. Also, will your cake table include various sweet treats to satisfy the pallet of your guests? I once attended a wedding that had a chocolate fountain with different kinds of fruits and cakes and brownies to dip into the fountain. Or maybe you will have a sweetheart cake for your and your spouse and have a tons of cupcakes in different flavors? All is a wonderful idea. Just make sure you save me one of each. k thanks!

Maybe you are considering getting married at a warehouse type venue - something a little more urban in tone set in the heart of a downtown city. Trust me, just about every metropolitan city has one or two. I was not at this venue for very long as my hired time with HFB Photography did not allow for me to get all the details in the venue, but I was able to get a few shots of what details were available. I LOVED this floral unity circle where the Bride and Groom were married under. Just like a ring, it shows unity and infinite love, care, devotion, and if you've ever seen "Meet The Parents" with Ben Stiller, "The Circle Of Trust." The venue was decorated with gorgeous up-lighting to set the mood of the venue and soften the harshness of it all. Honestly, it added a romantic feel to such a venue like this.

When it comes to your ceremony location, what do you want the setting to feel like? This wedding that I photographed with Jen made me feel like I was swept away in a Disney film - be it Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. It was purely magical. It was heavily detailed but simply so. Since the couple got married in October, they decorated the church's amphitheater with decorative pillows and throws in case it was chilly. I had never heard of a church having an outdoor amphitheater and this was just amazing. I know not everyone has that luxury to have a venue like that at their disposal so feel free to decorate your church or venue as you see fit. I've said it before and I'll say it again, add your special touches to make your wedding uniquely yours. Be safe. Stay Healthy. Keep Planning. xo, Casi


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