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The Thomas Family | Introducing Charleigh Ann Newborn Session | Baltimore Maryland Photographer

Last week I had the extreme pleasure of photographing this incredible new family of THREE! If you've been following along, you would see these faces before in previous posts when I photographed Ben + Tessa's pregnancy announcement in the spring and then in early fall, I shared their Boho-Chic maternity session. Check out the super FUN Pregnancy Announcement HERE and the jaw dropping Maternity Session HERE These two went their whole pregnancy not knowing the sex of their sweet angel. So it was a huge surprise to me when Tessa texted me a few hours after delivery telling me she had given birth to a baby GIRL! Talk about my heart exploding because I was 95% sure she and Ben were going to have a boy based on how easy Tessa's pregnancy seemed to be going. Ben and Tessa have ushered into parenthood seamlessly. Sure there are sleepless nights and high emotions but they have done it with complete grace. And seeing them both with Charleigh is just a sight to behold. Ben is the KING of diapers and Tessa is the QUEEN of nurturing her little girl and getting her to calm down quickly. Y'all I literally wanted to cry my eyes out from happiness this whole session. Seeing Ben + Tessa with little Charleigh made my heart explode with rainbows and unicorns. Already, Charleigh is so incredibly loved and her parents are so blessed by her presence in their lives. They are all on the journey of a lifetime. Enjoy the ride! Everyone, I'd like for you to meet Ben, Tessa & Charleigh Ann!

My little Squish


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